Iittala - Cutting Board Birch

Iittala - Cutting Board Birch

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Cutting Board Birch

Origin: Finland

Iittala cutting boards are always made out of solid wood, as wood is durable, yet soft enough to func-tion as a board for knives. With proper treatment cutting boards last a long time and stay clean. Be-fore using a new cutting board, it should be treated with cooking oil. And every now and then this treatment should be repeated. Always wash your board by hand, and rinse it in cold water. Finally, dry it well. Often just wiping it with a paper towel will do the trick. Store the cutting board in a dry place.

If the surface of the board has become too hard, it can be sanded and oiled once again.

Hand wash only

Size: L 35 cm, W 25 cm, Depth 3 cm.

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