Stelton - Black Bread Bag

Stelton - Black Bread Bag

Designer: Klaus Rath

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Designed: 2006

Black Bread Bag

Origin: Denmark

An exclusive wrapping for bread

Good bread ought to be served in the most delicious and appetizing way. This is the simple philosophy behind a new breadbasket from Stelton: The multi-functional bread bag.

The bread bag is designed by Klaus Rath, who among other things has designed a range of minimalistic, elegant solutions within headsets, flat screens, signs and graphics design.

The bread bag is made of the best quality of cotton, approved for food. This is an exquisite and strong bag with great potential - it can be used for different kinds of bread. Unfolded for loafs, folded for small breads and buns and due to the hidden magnets in the top it may be closed for keeping the bread crispy and fresh.

Technical data
Materials - 100% cotton, approved for food
Colour - black/black
Height - 23 cm
Width - 23 cm
Net. weight - 250 g