Muuto - Jakob Wagner - Flow Jug

Muuto - Jakob Wagner - Flow Jug

Designer: Jakob Wagner

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Flow Jug

Origin: Denmark

JAKOB WAGNER ON THE DESIGN "With the shape of the jug I wanted to tell a straightforward story about its functional anatomy:

A large hole to fill the jug, a small hole to pour, a low centre of gravity, and a middle area to get a firm grip.

At the same time I wanted to create a flowing balance between these four elements in a way that makes them come together in an organic unity, like a heart and its veins or a tree and its branches.

The end result almost makes the jug come alive." MATERIAL handmade fine bone china COLOUR white - unglazed and hand polished outside, glazed inside

DIMENSIONS 24,5 cm x 13,5 cm CONTAINS 1150 ml

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