Mono - Classic Teapot with Tray

Mono - Classic Teapot with Tray

Designer: Tassilo von Grolman

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Designed: 1983-1998

Classic Teapot with Tray

Origin: Germany

Function and contemporary design were truly synthesized in the classic teapot.

The pot made of heat resistant borosilicate glass is cradled in a stainless steel frame.

Tea leaves are placed in the stainless steel mesh sieve, and boiling water is poured.

The tea leaves unfold freely, as they release their full aroma; after the appropriate steeping time – 3 to 5 minutes – the sieve is removed.

Size: L 24 cm, W 19 cm, H 17 cm, Dia 17 cm.

Vol. 1.5 litre.

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