Mono - Fried Ulber - Flambo Flame Set

Mono - Fried Ulber - Flambo Flame Set

Designer: Fried Ulber

37.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Flambo Flame Set

Hand made in Germany

Trestle and spoon in gift box.

Material: Stainless steel 18/10

Place the flambé trestle across the rim of a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Take 2-3 sugar cubes, soaked in an alcoholic beverage (i.e. rum, ...) and place over the slit in the trestle.

Gently fill the bowl of a pre-heated spoon with the same alcoholic beverage, ignite, and slowly pour 1-2 or 3 spoonfuls over the sugar cubes until they have dissolved and trickled into the cup.

The trestle may be used to stir the beverage.