Menu - Fingerprint Potholder (2pcs)
Menu - Fingerprint Potholder (2pcs)Menu - Fingerprint Potholder (2pcs)Menu - Fingerprint Potholder (2pcs)

Menu - Fingerprint Potholder (2pcs)

Designer: Jakob Wagner

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Designed: 2007

Fingerprint Potholder (2pcs)

Origin: Denmark

A designer makes his mark

Advanced pot holder from Menu is inspired by nature

The pattern on Potholder was inspired by the designer Jakob Wagner's fingerprint. There is in fact a reason for the patterns on fingers and hands, he says. It gives us a better grip on things. And what could be more obvious than applying the same principle to a potholder?

Fingerprint potholder is manufactured in heat-resistant silicone, has good friction properties and gives a sure grip on everything from pots and pans to hot oven dishes. Potholder can be washed in the dishwasher and of course, also by hand in the normal way. Furthermore, Potholder is an ideal table protector.

With its pure design Fingerprint potholder has been created specially for modern kitchens. The innovative potholder comes with a magnet in the centre – meaning you can hang it on your fridge door! For good measure, Fingerprint potholder is supplied with a little self-adhesive metal plate which can be placed absolutely anywhere that you want to store it.

Materials: Silicone, stainless steel, magnet

Size: 19 cm x 21 cm

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