Luceplan - Large Metalized Adjustable Lightdisc Wall/Ceiling Light

Luceplan - Large Metalized Adjustable Lightdisc Wall/Ceiling Light

Designer: Alberto Meda

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Bulb Size
Case Finish
Diffuser Colour

Designed: 2002

Large Metalized Lightdisc

Origin: Italy

Co Designed: Alberto Meda & Paola Rizzato

A plastic luminous disc consisting of two polycarbonate shells, particularly well adapted to the latest generation of slim, circular fluorescent bulbs. The lamp is so thin that it merges imperceptibly with the surface of the ceiling or wall. The use of injection-moulded polycarbonate for the body allowed to make a mono-material and visually simplified whole, thus reducing the connecting points between parts.

The finishes, white, metallized and transparent are created simultaneously to the mould by using the new ''in mould decoration'' technology. The white-painted reflector parabola of the shell close to the wall extends the diffusion of light rays, thus making it suitable for domestic use. Chrome-plating increases reflectivity and brightness, rendering the lamp especially suitable for installation in large spaces. Leaving the plastic surface transparent obtains a less focused and more diffused light along the wall.

Lightdisc is enhanced by a new opaline polycarbonate diffuser which gives a soft and uniform perception of light.

IP65 Rated light for Outside & Bathroom Applications

Bulb: 55W FSC T5 2GX13 (not includ)

Size: Dia 40 cm, Light Body Dept 6.7 cm. Dept 21.5 cm