Ingo Maurer - Canned Light Suspension

Ingo Maurer - Canned Light Suspension

Designer: Christoph Matthias

200.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Delivery: 15 - 20 Working Days


Designed: 2003

Suspension Light

Co designed: Christoph Matthias & Hagen Sczech

Origin: Germany

The Ingo Maurer Canned Light suspension light is an homace to the famous Andy Warhol print of the 1960's also featuring a tin of Campbell's Tomato Soup.

The height is freely adjustable with the pulley and ring above the shade.

Materials & Finishes Tin can, aluminium, stainless steel and plastic.

Bulb: 60w halogen G9 (included)

Size: Can H 13.5 cm, Cam W 8.5 cm, Cable Lenght 200 cm.

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