Iittala - Teema Mug 0.3 Litre White

Iittala - Teema Mug 0.3 Litre White

Designer: Kaj Franck

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Designed: 1952


Origin: Finland

Size: 0.3 Litre

Based on bold, geometric forms, every Teema piece is part of a larger thought system where everything fits with everything. Kaj Franck found the basic forms simply irresistible, and spent his time reducing all that was excessive, until only the essential remained.
Every piece is designed with a practical and functional aspect. Mixing these features and combining them with other dishes will give you an endless range of innovative, colourful table settings. Teema fits in well at family gatherings, as well as in more formal settings. The Teema series is highly versatile and an ideal accompaniment to the entire Iittala range. One of the beauties of this collection is the way in which you can combine the variety of colours, the only decoration needed according to Kaj Franck. Teema is one of Scandinavia’s most highly appreciated collections, an undisputed classic and can be found in a number of design museums worldwide.