Hoptimist - Baby Birdie Orange Mobile

Hoptimist - Baby Birdie Orange Mobile

Designer: Hans Gustav Ehrenreich

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Medium Mobile

Origin: Denmark

In 1968, furniture designer Gustav Ehrenreich created the Hoptimists. In accordance with the trends of the time, his figures were characterized by their bright and positive colors and appealing shapes. The Hoptimist’s were produced from 1968-1974. It began with the mobiles called "Birdies". Later, "Bimble" and "Bumble" and the frogs "Kvak" and "Baby Kvak", were introduced. It will be a happy re-acquaintance for those of us, who remember the Hoptimist’s from the 70’s. Moreover, they are sure to put a smile on the face of those, who will see them for the first time.

Material: Plastic and metal spring.

Size: L 12 cm.

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