Eva Solo - Tools - Ice Cube Cooler

Eva Solo - Tools - Ice Cube Cooler

Designer: Tools

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Ice Cube Cooler

Origin: Denmark

For the making, keeping and serving of ice cubes. The lid is actually a freezing tray for making ice cubes. Just drop the ice cubes into the double-walled bowl and place the ice tongs at the top before serving.

Fill up the freezing tray with water, place it into your freezer and when the water has frozen you can take out the tray.

Twist the tray and knock out the cubes into the metallic bowl of double walls.

Use the freezing tray as a lid and place the ice cube tongs at the top and you will have ice cubes for the next couple of hours.

Tip: you want to make glass clear ice cubes?
Use demineralised water

Awards & Distinctions
Form 2000
The International Design Yearbook 2001