Eva Solo - Bird Table 5.0L

Eva Solo - Bird Table 5.0L

Designer: Tools

129.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Designed: 2003

Bird Table

Origin: Denmark

Eva Solo organic Bird Table which almost floats above the ground, adorning the garden. The table also functions as a food dispenser which keeps the bird food dry until it is taken and always ensures that there is something to eat for the birds. It is easy to set up the bird table. The pole is placed directly into the ground, and the container is filled with bird food. Both the 5-litre glass container and the synthetic table should be cleaned regularly, both are dishwasher proof. The stainless steel rod, which is easily pushed into the ground, supports a platform made of man made materials. Fill the hand blown glass container with bird seed, for example sunflower seeds, and then place it on top of the platform. Position the bird table near a window and close to a bush - then you will really be able to enjoy the visiting bird life.

Size: Pole length 150 cm, of which 40 cm is below ground.

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