Edra - Flap Sofa Sky Kiss
Edra - Flap Sofa Sky KissEdra - Flap Sofa Sky KissEdra - Flap Sofa Sky KissEdra - Flap Sofa Sky KissEdra - Flap Sofa Sky KissEdra - Flap Sofa Sky Kiss

Edra - Flap Sofa Sky Kiss

Designer: Francesco Binfarč

£24,467.74 (Including VAT at 20%)

Delivery: 20 - 40 Working Days


Designed: 2000 (new version 2009)

Flap Sofa Sky Kiss

Origin: Italy

An original type of upholstered item with new profile and new performances. The sleek shape of the upholstered base has parts that tilt at various angles to become backs and rests for unhindered relaxation positions. The frame is in tubular metal and the movable parts, attached singly to double steel mechanisms, can each recline at six different angles. The base is in brushed and chromed metal and the feet are in chromed metal with scratch-proof aluminium and rubber tips.

Francesco Binfaré, the designer -painter whose poetically allegorical work is expressed in strong, succinct strokes, has created a special upholstery design for his Flap sofa. Fully extended, the Flap becomes a huge canvas. The painting: a romantic kiss under a star-studded sky between him and her – hair flowing in the wind. Once more Binfaré returns to his signature theme of the couple, the leitmotif of many of his upholstered creations. After being encrusted with crystals, the Flap’s sinuous silhouette has now been given a single, exclusive, made-to-measure gown. It marks a whole new chapter in the life of this famous article: the signed, limitededition series. Binfaré’s artwork literally embraces the settee, stretching across the whole length and down the sides. Made like a tapestry in one single piece, the fabric covering comes off the loom the exact shape to fit the divan structure. A variation of the jacquard weave, it comprises a mix of yarns: a background of chenille, brilliant satin for the sky, and embroidered cotton cretonne for an embossed, almost three-dimensional effect

Size: H with flap down 34 cm, H Max with flap up 84 cm. L 355 cm, W 166 cm.

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