Edra - Flap Sofa Diamond
Edra - Flap Sofa DiamondEdra - Flap Sofa DiamondEdra - Flap Sofa DiamondEdra - Flap Sofa Diamond

Edra - Flap Sofa Diamond

Designer: Francesco Binfarč

£102,127.66 (Including VAT at 20%)

Delivery: 20 - 40 Working Days


Designed: 2000 (new version 2009)

Flap Sofa Diamond

Origin: Italy

An original type of upholstered item with new profile and new performances. The sleek shape of the upholstered base has parts that tilt at various angles to become backs and rests for unhindered relaxation positions. The frame is in tubular metal and the movable parts, attached singly to double steel mechanisms, can each recline at six different angles. The base is in brushed and chromed metal and the feet are in chromed metal with scratch-proof aluminium and rubber tips.

"Magic of crystals is magic of shape" Ben Okri writes "existent key, tangible key, perceptible key is hidden in crystals. They are the mythical intersection between visible and invisible. Which is why their beauty lasts everlasting, without time, as the stars." Studding sofas and armchairs of Swarovski crystals means for edra to give the i ncorruptible brilliance of the stars to items. Crystals thirst for light, that they reverberate into thousand of glares, giving a special fluidity to shapes. Their magic and their transfiguring power is hidden in the multiple reflections. The meeting between the clearness of design and the brilliance of crystals inaugurates a new chapter in aesthetic. Objects now dressed with "light" acquire a dimension of fables. Contemporary sofas and armchairs, overlaid with crystals, give an aura of dream to living. Anything that shines also send to an evanescent luxury, a luxury that become lighter of consistency weight through glares, and enter transcendence of starry sky. A predestined meeting, the one between design and crystal: in token of pureness. "Crystallised" object are not corrupted by decorative redundancies, on the contrary they are enhanced in their clear perfection, as if it was that their new crystal skin underlines the flow of lines in dissolving the material. And they tell enchanting tales, of magic and seduction, that could become every day tales. The twinkling of crystals give sex appeal also to objects, making design an object of passion.

Size: H with flap down 34 cm, H Max with flap up 84 cm. L 355 cm, W 166 cm.

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