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Green and Blue - "Birdball" White Birds Nest

Designer: Kate and Gavin Christman

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"Birdball" White Birds Nest

Handmade in England

Birds make round nests so we've done the same. If like us you love birds then we think you'll love Birdball.

Birdball offers year round nesting and protection from the elements and is a natural replacement for birds own vanishing habitats.

Handmade in clay, its spherical shape offers protection from nature's intruders, and will encourage small garden birds like Coal tits, Marsh tits, Blue tits and Great tits to nest in your garden.

Birds that visit your garden are territorial, so to help them use birdball position it away from feeders, other nesting areas and out of reach of inquisitive little fingers.

Find a sheltered spot out of direct sunlight and prevailing winds where birdball can hang unhindered at least 5 feet from the ground. Once you have found a suitable strong branch, simply slide open the wire loop (1) and hook it securely onto the tree (2). Alternatively, pass the wire over a strong branch and slide open the loop (4), then gently lower the ball through the loop allowing the wire to pull taut against the branch (5). Always use the protective tubing provided when suspending birdball from trees and shrubs to prevent damage to bark (3).

Once the young family have left birdball and you are sure it is empty, (between October and November) you can take it down
to clean out.

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