Nuance - Roasting Fork

Nuance - Roasting Fork

Designer: Marcus Vagnby

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Roasting Fork

Origin: Denmark

Forks and non-stick surfaces are not normally a good combination. The non-stick coating on pans and pots is very easily scratched and so loses its effect. For this reason many cooks use plastic or wooden kitchen implements, which do not scratch so easily. But wood can't be used in dishwashers and plastic doesn't handle high temperatures well. Then of course there are not many who'd like to carve the roast with a delicate kitchen knife and plastic fork.

Enter designer Marcus Vagnby, who has for a long time focussed on the drawbacks of non-stick surfaces with his range of elegant, ergonomic kitchen implements from NUANCE. NUANCE Kitchen Spoons, Palette Knife, Spatula and Hand Whisk are all made from stainless steel with either silicone or heat-resistant nylon parts. These tools are gentle on non-stick surfaces while at the same time being dishwasher-friendly and handling temperatures up to 260°C.

NUANCE is now completing the kitchen range with a carving fork which can be used directly on non-stick pans and also does the trick when carving the roast for the table. The carving fork has – just as the other tools – an ergonomic handle from stainless steel, giving it great freedom of action. The head of the fork is made from stiff, heat-resistant nylon, which ensures optimal protection against scratches so long as one doesn't just start stabbing away in the pan.

Materials: Nylon head, stainless steel handle.